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Plea bargain considerations

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

If you have been arrested in Illinois and now face the prospect of enduring a trial to defend yourself against a criminal charge, you may understandably be scared and unsure of whether or not you want to experience this. These thoughts may make you want to investigate other options. A plea bargain is one option that may be available to you to avoid the time and cost of a full trial. However, whether or not this is the right thing for you to do may depend on a variety of factors.

As explained by Flow Psychology, there can be downsides to entering into a plea bargain just as there may be benefits to doing so. Some have argued that defendants at times might feel forced into accepting a plea bargain rather than given the choice to do so. If this happens, that is actually against the law as a plea deal should be optional because a person always has the right to a trial to prove their innocence.

On the positive side, a plea bargain does eliminate your need to wait and wonder for possibly a long time about what the outcome of your case will be. A plea deal can at times offer a more expedient and certain resolution to your case.

If you would like to learn more about your options when faced with a criminal charge, including entering into a plea bargain, please feel free to visit the defendant’s plea options page of our Illinois criminal defense website.