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A Strong Defense for Your Future

After being charged with a crime, you need an experienced and dedicated defense attorney who can help you navigate the court process and explain the possible consequences of a conviction on your charge.

If you have been arrested, it is likely that you have received numerous letters from other attorneys informing you of their services and that you have the choice in hiring your representation. Although this is true, it is important to know that just having an attorney is not enough in many cases. Not every attorney is created equal, and it is extremely important to find one who will do everything necessary to get you the best outcome possible in your situation.

Charges We Defend

Our attorney Romas Mockaitis has been licensed to practice law in Illinois since 2005. From 2005 to 2014, he was employed as an Assistant State’s Attorney in DuPage County. During that time, he has handled more than 300 trials and argued more than 1,000 contested hearings related to various criminal matters, including:

  • Drug offenses — drug-induced homicide, possession, manufacturing, cultivating and distribution of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription medications and other controlled substances

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) — first-time offenses, felony DUI offenses, underage drinking charges, breath test refusal issues and other alcohol-related charges

  • Traffic violations — speeding tickets, moving violations, reckless driving charges, traffic light and stop sign violations, driving while license suspended or revoked, and violations incurred by commercial truck drivers

  • Theft and property crimes — shoplifting, theft, home invasion, robbery, burglary, vandalism and other property crimes

  • Violent crimes — assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, domestic violence and crimes involving weapons such as armed violence

  • Financial crimes (white-collar crimes) — fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, continuing financial crime enterprises and larceny

  • Weapons offenses — gun possession violations, conceal and carry violations, felon in possession of a firearm charges and other crimes involving the use of a firearm or another weapon

  • Probation violations — failure to attend a probation hearing, failure to meet with a probation officer, failure of drug test and other violations

At Mockaitis Law Group LLC, we defend the rights of clients located in the west suburbs of Chicago. Reach to us today if you were charged with a crime in Wheaton, St. Charles, DeKalb or Yorkville, Illinois.

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Expunge Your Criminal Record

Securing a record expungement can be a labor-intensive process, but it can be highly worthwhile for those who qualify. An expungement can offer you a clean slate from damaging criminal convictions that can prevent you from securing a loan, renting an apartment or another rental property, applying for certain work or even attending some secondary school ls.

Our attorney has considerable experience seeking expungements in Illinois, and he can help you determine if your record is eligible as well as help you through the process of clearing your record.

Dedicated & Experienced Counsel

At Mockaitis Law Group LLC, we believe in our ability to take good people out of bad situations. In fact, our founder was a trial attorney on one of the last death penalty cases in Illinois — an achievement for which he was recognized nationally.

We have the insight and experience needed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case in order to provide you with realistic expectations for possible motions and trial. Making an informed decision about your future can prevent unforeseen long-term consequences from haunting you.

Don’t Wait Your Freedom Is on the Line

Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, we can tailor your defense strategy to meet the severity of your case and your desired outcome. If you would like us to review your case for free, we encourage you to contact our attorney to set up a consultation. After which time you can decide whether we are a good fit for you.

Contact us if you're facing criminal charges in Illinois. We proudly serve clients in Wheaton, St. Charles, DeKalb, Yorkville and throughout Chicago's west suburbs.