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Violent crimes are considered amongst the most serious offenses here in Illinois, which is why police and prosecutors will often try to throw the book at you. If the prospect of lengthy prison sentences and steep fines aren’t enough to make you nervous, consider the damage a criminal conviction can do to your reputation, freedom and civil rights.

At Mockaitis Law Group LLC, in Oswego, we know what’s at stake, and we want to help you get the best possible outcome we can. You may not know the legal system — or your rights — like we do, which means you may not know you have options that don’t have to end in you going to jail. Let us build a strong defense that puts your best interests front and center.

Representing a Range of Violent Crimes

Under Illinois law, violent crimes — also referred to as crimes against persons — are defined as offenses that involve the use of force or threat of force against an individual. This can include a wide range of offenses, all of which Attorney Romas Mockaitis is capable of defending you against:

  • Assault — including aggravated assault, sexual assault and fist fighting/bar fights

  • Battery — including felony battery involving serious bodily injury

  • Domestic violence

  • Murder and homicide — including attempted murder and reckless homicide

  • Manslaughter — including voluntary and involuntary manslaughter

  • Stalking

  • Kidnapping

  • Crimes involving the use of a weapon

For more than 10 years, attorney Romas Mockaitis served as an assistant state’s attorney for DuPage County. During that time, he tried more than 300 trials and argued more than 1,000 contested hearings, including many assault, aggravated battery, domestic violence and other criminal defense cases.

At our firm, we use our courtroom experience to build strong defenses that will stand up to jury scrutiny. Additionally, our extensive courtroom experience means we can tell you what to expect and walk you through your options as well as the legal process.

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Use of Force in Self Defense Affirmative Defense

There are provisions under Illinois law that say you are justified in the use of force against another person in the event you believe it is necessary to reasonably protect yourself against another person’s use of unlawful force. In some violent crime cases, self-defense may be a key part of a defense strategy. If affirmative defense is the reason you’re facing criminal charges, we will make sure your side of the story gets heard and you are given the full protection of the law.

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If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, don’t hold out hope for law enforcement to give you a break. They may not be able to see the whole picture like we can.

Contact our office in Oswego and speak with lawyer Romas Mockaitis about your case. He will provide honest answers to your questions and help you build a strong defense. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us.