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The Bell Curve of Life

When we are young, we need much care and support with activities of daily living, or ADLs. When we reach our twilight years, we once again need much of the same care and support. While in our early years, the focus is on developing the skills in a growing mind to support oneself, the later years should focus on dignity. A toddler will develop control on the upswing of the bell curve of life, while the elderly often lose the control they once mastered. It is no longer a matter of choice and this is as difficult for the elderly as it is for the caregiver, who is often a family member.

What Can I Do?

Estate planning is essential. Have that difficult talk with your loved ones and get a plan that accomplishes what you desire when you can no longer provide that input. Key issues to discuss include:

  • Who should help me make decisions about both my person and my finances when I’m unable to do so myself?

  • What should happen after I die?

  • Who would I like to be in charge of carrying out my final wishes?

  • What if I need long-term care before the end comes?

Start Preserving Your Legacy


Get Help Dealing with Estate Matters While Retaining Control & Dignity

Coping with the difficulties presented when a loved one is on the downside of the bell curve of life can be confusing. In addition to aging, dementia will often appear. You will need direction determining the who, what, when and where of providing care. You will also need to consider if a guardianship is necessary, as well as the cost of care and eligibility for Medicaid.

Get Help Dealing with Estate Matters After the Death of a Loved One

Processing your grief after the death of a loved one is never easy, and it can be made much more difficult knowing that estate administration issues must be addressed. You don’t need to feel lost and overwhelmed during this time.

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