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Can Speeding Tickets Affect Your Career?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Jan. 30, 2021

At one time or another, virtually everyone has driven a few miles above the speed limit. If you are traveling too fast when you enter a speed trap, you are not likely to have much luck trying to talk yourself out of a speeding ticket.

Usually, speeding tickets have little direct effect on a person’s career. If you work in certain jobs, though, multiple speeding tickets may be catastrophic. Depending on the circumstances of the ticket, even a single speeding citation may affect your ability to work.

Do You Have a Commercial Driver’s License?

If you work for a delivery service, you may have a commercial driver’s license. Pursuant to Illinois law, you may lose your CDL for committing two or more serious traffic offenses in a three-year period. Speeding by more than 15 miles per hour is likely to be a serious traffic offense.

Additionally, accumulating too many points from speeding violations may also eventually cause you to lose your regular driver’s license.

Does Your Employer Require a Clean Driving Record?

If you drive for work, your employer may have an interest in knowing about your speeding tickets. Even if you do not need a CDL, having a serious speeding ticket or many less serious ones may cause your employer to take adverse employment action against you.

Can You Afford Higher Insurance Premiums?

If you must drive to reach your place of employment, you must buy liability insurance for the vehicle you drive. Even a single speeding ticket may cause your insurance rates to rise.

Ultimately, if you cannot afford higher insurance premiums, fighting your speeding ticket may make sense.