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Defendant’s Mental Competency Questioned

Mockaitis Law Group LLC June 5, 2018

Many Illinois residents know that there are conditions or factors that may impact a person’s ability to process information correctly or to make appropriate decisions. This might happen due to a substance addiction but it may also be due to the fact that a person’s natural mental state is somehow compromised. Mental illness is a serious problem for many people facing criminal charges and just how or when it is considered during the course of a defense might make a big impact in the outcome of a case and of a person’s life.

The Belleville News-Democrat recently reported on the story of a man who has already once been found to be mentally incompetent in a criminal case and may be found so in yet another case. The first case took place last summer when the defendant is said to have called a local Illinois police department and made remarks that were racially disparaging. While he pled guilty, the report indicates he was deemed not mentally fit. It is not known whether or not he served any time for the charges against him.

Now in 2018 the same man is accused of more illegal and negatively racial actions. More specifically he is charged with painting anti-Jewish symbols on a number of public and private property items or locations. The charges are felonies and there are multiple charges although the potential consequences are unknown.

A judge in the matter indicated he believes the man may not be fit mentally and has issued an order for a psychiatric evaluation at this point. Illinois residents in similar situations might also want to consult with an attorney to understand their circumstances.