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Mothers Against Drunk Driving Strive to Education Public

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Sept. 5, 2019

Drunk driving is a problem that affects everyone on the road in both Illinois and other states. As law enforcement officials and other organizations work to decrease the occurrences of drunk driving, they often run special campaigns to raise awareness about the problem. According to WREX.com, an enforcement and educational program known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving has paired with local law enforcement officials to draw attention to how dangerous drunk and drugged driving can be.

In 2018 alone, almost 1,000 fatal crashes could be tied back to accidents. Since 2014, this number has increased steadily across the entire country by nine percent. The most common causes of fatal accidents include failure to use occupant restraint, speeding and driving under the influence. Since 2009, MADD reports that deaths in Illinois from drunk driving accidents have decreased by 12%.

The organization has started a campaign called Saturation Saturday that is now approved in 14 different states. During the weekend specific to each state, officers at roadside checkpoints and on patrol will administer alcohol violations. Organizers dedicate the weekend and the campaign to the families and victims who have been impaired or killed by a drunk driving accident. The goal is to achieve better roadway safety and decrease fatalities and injuries caused by driving while impaired.

Everyone on the road has a responsibility to keep it safe. This means never driving when drunk or under the influence of another substance. Those who have made this choice and find themselves in trouble deserve the opportunity to prove that they can do better with a second chance. Contacting a criminal defense attorney can help keep a criminal record clear and ensure a better future.