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Should I Hire an Attorney If I Know I’m Guilty?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Jan. 24, 2024

Many individuals, when faced with a criminal charge and believing themselves guilty, question the necessity of hiring an attorney. I'm here to tell you that this line of thinking couldn't be more misguided. Having me, Romas Mockaitis of Mockaitis Law Group LLC, by your side opens up a world of options.  

As your attorney, my role isn't just about providing legal advice; it's about fiercely advocating for your justice and fighting for your future. If you're facing criminal charges, I'll leverage my extensive experience to protect your rights and ensure a fair trial. Trust me to be your reliable partner in these legal matters. I firmly stand for the protection of all my client's rights. Everyone is entitled to a robust defense, irrespective of whether or not they believe they are guilty of a crime. 

Consequences of Pleading Guilty

One potential pathway is entering a plea of guilt. However, this doesn't mean you forfeit your right to a sound defense. In fact, a guilty plea might help you sidestep the time and cost associated with a trial while mitigating the risk of severe punishment. Additionally, a guilty plea or plea bargain can significantly cut court costs. 

Keep in mind, a guilty plea can invite varying consequences based on the nature of the crime and charges. Here are some potential outcomes of pleading guilty in Illinois: 


Depending on your criminal record and the type of crime, a guilty plea could land you in prison. Misdemeanor charges generally cap at a one-year sentence, while felonies can require anything from over a year to life in prison. 


A guilty plea might also necessitate the payment of a fine. These can range from minimal amounts to thousands of dollars, depending on the charges, such as in the case of a traffic violation. If these fines aren't paid, it could lead to additional charges and potentially jail time. 

Suspension or Revocation of Driver’s License 

Traffic violations like DUIs can result in temporary or even permanent loss of your driver's license, especially in the case of repeat offenses. 


In Illinois, first-time offenders may be sentenced to probation instead of jail time, allowing them to move forward with their lives. However, any violation of probation can result in incarceration. 

Loss of Professional License 

If you're a professional like a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, a guilty plea could lead to the loss of your professional license, severely impacting your livelihood. 

Inability to Carry a Firearm 

In Illinois, convicted individuals may be prohibited from carrying firearms, with violations leading to immediate incarceration. 


Foreign nationals who plead guilty might face deportation instead of serving jail time. In some cases, they may first serve their sentence and then be deported. 

Loss of Custodial Rights 

A conviction could potentially result in the loss of visitation or custodial rights over a minor child, especially if the court believes you pose a threat to the child's safety. 

Damage to Personal and Familial Relationships 

A conviction or guilty plea can strain personal and familial relationships, as friends, family, and business contacts might choose to distance themselves. 

Why You Should Hire an Attorney Even If You Believe You're Guilty

Even if you believe you're guilty, securing the services of a criminal defense attorney is crucial. Here's why: 

Knowledge of the Law 

The legal system is intricate and can often be confusing without professional help. An attorney has the depth of knowledge necessary to understand the nuances of the law specific to your case, ensuring you are well-informed about your rights and potential consequences. 

Proper Evaluation of Evidence 

An attorney appraises the evidence against you critically. They can detect if there have been any procedural errors or if your rights were violated during the collection of evidence, potentially resulting in its dismissal. 

Negotiation of Plea Bargains 

If you decide to plead guilty, an attorney can negotiate plea bargains on your behalf. This might result in lesser charges, reduced penalties, or alternative sentencing, minimizing its impact on your life. 

Support During Trial 

Should your case go to trial, having an attorney present can make a significant difference. They can represent you in court, make compelling arguments, and cross-examine witnesses to ensure a fair trial. 

Emotional and Psychological Support 

Facing criminal charges can take an emotional toll. An attorney offers emotional support, reassures you during this challenging time, and helps you make objective decisions. 

Remember, a belief in guilt doesn't equate to a legal conviction. An attorney can provide a robust defense and protect your rights, no matter your perceived guilt. 

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Despite the frustration and temptation to face the consequences head-on, I strongly advise against going it alone. Let me guide you through this difficult period, advocating for your rights and ensuring a fair trial. At Mockaitis Law Group LLC, located in Oswego, Illinois, I aim to provide personalized, knowledgeable legal counsel to clients throughout Chicago's West Suburbs, including Kendall County, Kane County, DuPage County, Grundy County, and Dekalb County.