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What Are My Rights when Stopped for A DUI?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Jan. 21, 2021

Having an officer pull you over for a suspected DUI can be a scary experience. You want to ensure that you do not do anything that could make the situation worse.

At the same time, the ACLU explains that you should stand up for yourself and exert your rights. However, you must do so within the extent of the law.

What You Say

Make sure that you exercise your right to remain silent. You do not have to answer questions or provide information beyond your name if the officer asks.

It is important to never say anything threatening or that an officer could take as a threat. You also should keep your anger or frustration under control and stay quiet instead of saying whatever is on your mind about the situation.

What You Do

You cannot prevent an officer from searching your vehicle or person, but you should not consent to it. Simply let the officer know that you do not consent to the search.

You should provide the officer with your registration and driver’s license when he or she asks. Under the law, you must do this. However, that is all you must provide. If the officer asks you to submit to a blood-alcohol test, you have the right to refuse, but know that if you do, you will likely face a license suspension.

You should also sign any ticket the officer gives you. It is best to save your arguments or objections for court when you can state your case to a judge.

Never do anything to interfere with the officer. Obstructing law enforcement is a crime, and it will only add to your issues.