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What Are the Advantages of Plea Bargaining?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Sept. 25, 2019

Few things are more stressful than being accused of a criminal action in Chicago. In the event that you are dealing with criminal charges, it is likely that you will have the option to accept a plea bargain at some point. A plea bargain is when the prosecution offers a guaranteed more lenient sentence in return for the defendant pleading guilty to the crime. There are several pros and cons where accepting a plea bargain is concerned, depending on your situation. According to Findlaw, one of the more common reasons a defendant accepts a plea bargain is for certainty.

It is true that taking an accusation to trial can be a very unpredictable course of action for everybody involved. This is largely why the prosecution offers a plea-bargain at the beginning: it frees up their schedule and also assures them of a conviction. Many prosecutors are very happy to take a lesser conviction in return for knowing that a conviction has been made. In the same vein, many defendants are willing to take a lesser conviction in return for being assured a lesser sentence.

Particularly if you are being represented by a public defender, taking a plea bargain may be a good bet. This is why many of the accused decide to seek private representation if possible. One of the critiques of the plea bargaining system is that innocent persons have accepted criminal charges because they believed getting the lesser sentence was the wiser course to go.

Whether plea bargaining is right for you depends upon your individual situation. It is recommended to consult with a lawyer before making any decisions.