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What Is a Rehabilitation Program?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Aug. 3, 2018

When drivers in Illinois are convicted of driving while under the influence, they’re going to face a number of stark penalties. These penalties can range from jail time to steep fines, may involve you gaining a criminal record, and even the potential loss or suspension of your driver’s license. However, there may be an option available to you that will allow you to avoid this.

The US National Library of Medicine discusses driving rehabilitation programs, with a focus on older drivers. Rehabilitation programs are often offered to drivers who don’t have a track record of DUI-related convictions, or for those whose crimes aren’t considered to be too heavy. This means if you’re facing a first time DUI conviction, a rehab program might be entirely within the realm of possibility for you.

These programs are staffed by licensed therapists and other helpful professionals. They’re designed to help aid you through the rehabilitation process so that you can focus on the roots of your problem. This treatment option is considered a more productive alternative to the more traditional means of punishment, as it is believed to help cut down on the number of repeat offenders.

Moreover, if you successfully complete a rehabilitation program, you will be able to regain your license. You may, however, still be required to pay any fees accrued. You will also have to pay fees associated with taking the rehabilitation course.

All in all, it’s a good option if you’re facing a first-time DUI charge and are sincere about wanting to fight your problems with substance abuse. Consider speaking with an attorney for more