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What Should You Know About Probate?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Feb. 1, 2019

Illinois residents have a lot of legalities to deal with in the aftermath of a loved one’s passing. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional weight of grief, but you may sometimes need to deal with matters of the estate. Dividing up property or assets and splitting debts can be a tough experience, especially if you haven’t done this before. Fortunately, the probate process may be helpful.

FindLaw has a page dedicated to what to expect from probate. It is the process in which debts or assets that are left behind by a person after they pass get divided up by those who survive them. This process can be somewhat costly and time-consuming, which is why there are those who advocate to avoid it if possible. However, there are some benefits to the process. For example, probate is actually required in certain situations, so knowing what to expect is invaluable.

More importantly, however, probate can give the bereaved a sense of closure and finality that can’t be found elsewhere. There may be questions about a will’s validity, or whether or not certain people should be inheriting money, items, or other things left behind by the deceased. Probate court is a way to settle this in an impartial and secure way.

If you are dealing with matters related to probate, an experienced attorney could have advice that might be of great use to you. Contacting them to learn more about the process can be a good first step to take.