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What Should You Know About Quiet Title Actions?

Mockaitis Law Group LLC Feb. 28, 2019

In Illinois, real estate law can be somewhat complex even if you have dealt with related matters before. Because of this, having Mockaitis Law on board to help you navigate the issues you are currently dealing with can be a huge help.

Today, we will take a look at quiet title actions. This legal action is typically taken when someone wants to determine who the owner of real property is. Generally speaking, “real property” is considered to be land – or specifically, things under or over the surface of it. This can include building structures or minerals.

If you have a claim to any sort of real property, then you have the ability to file an action to quiet title. In essence, this functions as a lawsuit against all other parties who may have a potential claim on the same real property. In other words, if you have a claim on a grandparent’s home but a cousin appears to assert that they should be the rightful owner, you could file an action to quiet title against said cousin.

If you are able to win this quiet title action, then you make it so that no one else can challenge your claim to the real property now or at any point in the future. This makes it a particularly attractive option for people who have been locked in real estate battles.

No matter what sort of scenario you find yourself in or what kind of real estate-related issues you might be struggling with, you can turn to us for aid. Take a look at our web page here on real estate transactions, or contact our experienced attorneys to start discussing your case today.